The European Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

The goal of CPR is to ensure that all cables used in permanent installations throughout the European Union are assessed, classified and approved under a common criterion.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for construction Products Regulation (ЕС) № 305/2011, which are rules implemented by European Comm9icion. CPR rules call for products including cables-to be tested and certified based on certain criteria before they are used in European buildings. Wire and cables is covered by the requirement that addresses Safety in the case of fire.

Common classification of fire properties

CPR Euroclasses addresses all aspects of cables behavior during a fire. Euroclasses under EN 13501-6
Because the fire properties of construction products are important for fire safety, we now have common EU regulations for fire classification and test methods for cables used in buildings. The new EN50575 standard covers power, telecommunications, and signal cables for construction works.

Requirements for "CE" marking

For manufacturers to be permitted to CE-mark their products, the CPR specifies as an important requirement that they must draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP). By drawing up a DoP, the manufacturer guarantees that the product meets the requirements specified in the standard. The manufacturer must produce a DoP for each construction product.

Declaration of performance (DoP)

A Declaration of Performance expresses the performance of construction products, including cables, in relation to the essential characteristics of those products. It identifies the product, its intended use and its essential characteristics. A Declaration of Performance requires manufacturer, importer or distributor to assume legal responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with its declared performance.