Central Test Laboratory

Quality system

The Quality Management System established in the laboratory corresponds to the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and represents a combination of organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, opportunities and means for realization of quality policy. The Quality System specifies the regulations and requirements for tests performing by the experts of Central Test Laboratory, the relations between staff and management. It describes the type, the specific character of laboratory and it at the same time creates sufficient confidence, that the tests performed really meet the specific requirements of the client.  

Testing areas

  • Wires and cords: for electric installations, internal wiring, automobile;
  • Power cables up to 1 kV;
  • Cables for control and signalization;
  • Communication and data transmission cables;
  • Shipboard cables.

   Scope of tests

  • electrical tests
  • chemical tests
  • dynamical and climatical tests 
  • high voltage tests
  • smoke density test IEC 1034-2